New Study Points to Orthopedic Fracture Clinics to Screen for IPV

15 Nov

A recent multinational study released in August of this year interviewed 3,000 women about their experience with domestic abuse.  The participants were interviewed while visiting orthopedic fracture clinics in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, and India.  Here are the study’s findings:

  • 1 in 6 women who visit an orthopedic fracture clinic had been a victim of domestic violence in the past year. 
  • 1 in 3 women interviewed confessed that they had been abused in their lifetime. 
  • 1 in 50 female visitors was specifically visiting the clinic to address fractures caused by domestic abuse. 
  • Two out of Three women said that orthopedic doctors were in a good place to screen for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).
  • 14% of women who visited the orthopedic fracture clinics to treat an injury from domestic abuse had been asked about IPV from health care professionals in the past.

This study points to an opportunity for intervention.  Doctors, specifically orthopedic doctors, should be screening patients for domestic abuse.  At the very least, doctors should be trained in domestic abuse related injuries, since IPV is the leading cause of non-fatal injury to women worldwide.


Read the study in full here:

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