How you can support the Taskforce

04 Mar

With the website going up, we’re getting a lot of questions about how people can get involved and volunteer at the Taskforce.  Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us!  For those who are wondering how to support our work, here are some areas where we could use help:

Blog about our report: One quick way to support our work is to spread the word about our online report (  Is there a particular section that you found interesting?  Something that struck you, or points to the need for the work your group is doing?  Or something that wasn’t said in the report, that you’d want to add?  Blogging about it is a great way to make your voice heard while also supporting our work.  And we might even re-post on this site!

Help develop our Media Toolkit: This year, the Taskforce is going to be producing a Media Toolkit, to provide recommendations for how the press should cover the issue of violence against girls and young women.  Producing the toolkit is going to involve:

  • Doing a media analysis, to identify to what extent, and how, the press currently covers the issue
  • Facilitating focus groups with young people, to identify youth concerns about media coverage
  • Developing recommendations, and the components of a Toolkit

If you’d like to get involved in any of these steps, please email me at; I’ll let you know when our first planning meeting is set.

Help research Teen Dating Violence curricula:  This fall, the Taskforce is going to be bringing together groups that provide teen dating violence workshops, to identify best practices and share strategies of what works and what doesn’t.  In preparation for these conversations, we could use help in gathering research on the topic of best practices in teen dating violence education.  If you’re interested in helping us with research, let me know (again, at

Make a financial contribution (of any amount) to the Taskforce to cover costs including food, supplies, printing, and web hosting.  Please make checks payable to the Chicago Freedom School and send to 719 S. State Street # 3N, Chicago, IL 60605, and specify that your support is for the Taskforce.  Or you can donate through our facebook cause.

Many thanks, again, for all the interest in supporting our work!


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